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Bed Bugs Suck

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Bed Bug Traps

Yeah, They're Annoying

with our fruit fly traps you won't have to deal with them anymore
Fruit Fly Traps

BEAPCo is a Canadian company that puts our customers first. We aim to excise your insect problem,
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Simple Traps

No Training Required

simply peel the protective paper off and our traps are ready to be placed

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all of our products are designed and produced in Canadian facilities

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Your Wallet Will Love Us Too

our traps are competitively priced, leaving you free to rid yourself of pests without financial worries

Bulk Availability


if you've got a large space, we've got you covered with bulk options for our traps and lures

Effective Bait

Give Them What They Want

our traps mimic the scent of the insects favourite prey, meaning they won't come after you

Great Support

We're Waiting for Your Call

if you've had problems with your purchase, one of our representatives will be sure to set the situation straight

Worried About Hitchhikers?

Dissolving Laundry Bags

throw your laundry in with the bag to stop them coming to bed with you
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